Refundable, Reversible & Safer Payments on Ethereum Blockchain

KoveredPay is a decentralized token based on the Ethereum blockchain. Our aim is to enable safe, reversible transactions on the blockchain. The transactions made using KoveredPay can be reversed and/or put on hold, making KoveredPay a must-have cryptocurrency for both merchants and buyers to ensure the safety of their funds.

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Tradable and Usable

You can utilize KVP for payments or immediately trade them on the markets.

Really Safe Payments

KVP can be used for instant, reversible, refundable and mediated transactions on the Ethereum blockchain.

Free for Everyone

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KoveredPay Tokens — KVP

Safe Payments for Merchants and Buyers

One of the criticisms made about blockchains by mainstream consumers is that the transactions on a blockchain are not reversible. Our plan is to change that. We've built a token that enables you to make payments which can be reversible, refunded or mediated (similar to PayPal's dispute handling).

The KVP token, developed on the ERC20 pattern, has been crafted for easy transfers between users and businesses on the blockchain.

KoveredPay is a blockchain-based system for refundable, reversible payments

The safest way to pay and accept cryptocurrency

Instant Transactions

Just like normal payments, this enables the instant transfer of tokens between two parties without any protection.

Trustless Transactions

Empowering users with the ability to reverse transactions on the blockchain without the need of any centralized authority.

Mediated Transactions

Transactions mediated on the blockchain. A professional third-party peacemaker resolves the disputes between the parties.

Token Airdrop

We're distributing tokens for free. You'll receive 200 KVP for every Ethereum you hold. You can claim by message signing or transaction broadcast.

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